I attend and speak at various technical conferences regularly.  I try to upload slides here.


PgConf Sillicon Valley, San Francisco, USA: Out of The Box Replication in Postgres 9.4 (Tutorial) – Video available

PGCon 2015 , Ottawa, Canada: Out of Box Replication in Postgres 9.4 (3 hours tutorial)

PgConf 2015 Moscow, Russia: Achieving PCI compliance w/ Postgres


PgOpen 2014, Chicago : Postgres in Amazon RDS

PGCon  2014, Ottawa, Canada : Postgres in Amazon RDS

NY Tech Summit, Verona, New York: I bet you don’t need big data!

Evergreen International Conference, Boston : Mutually Assured Quality 

Pg Conf NYC 2014, NYC: Achieving PCI compliance with Postgres 


PgOpen 2013, Chicago: Scaling Postgres

LOPSA-East 2013, New Brunswick, NJ: Deploying PostgreSQL on Amazon EC2: A Case Study

PG Day New york: Deploying PostgreSQL on Amazon EC2: A Case Study


PgOpen 2012, Chicago : Deploying Maximum Architecture with PostgreSQL 

HadoopDC Lightning Talk : Two Elephants in the Room!

PGDay NYC 2012: Deploying Maximum Architecture with PostgreSQL 


PostgreSQL Conference : PGEast 2011 : P90X your database!!


PostgreSQL Conference : PGWest 2010 : Achieving PCI Compliance with PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL Conference : PGEast 2010 : Yet another Replication Tool: RubyRep



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