pg_migrator beta-1 released

Version 8.4, Beta 1
What it Does
pg_migrator allows data stored in Postgres data files to be migrated
to a later Postgres major version without the dump/reload of data
typically required for major version upgrades, e.g. 8.3.7 -> 8.4.1.
It is not required for minor version upgrades, e.g. 8.4.1 -> 8.4.5.
Currently pg_migrator only supports upgrades from 8.3.X to 8.4.X.
pg_migrator will not work if:
        o  a user column is of data type tsquery
        o  a user column is of data type ‘name’ and is not the first column
pg_migrator will require a table rebuild if:
        o  a user column is of data type tsvector
pg_migrator will require a reindex if:
        o  an index is of type hash or gin
        o  an index uses bpchar_pattern_ops
All failure, rebuild, and reindex cases will be reported by pg_migrator
if they affect your installation;  post-migration scripts to rebuild
tables and indexes will be automatically generated.

Learning Oracle Apps DBA skills

Hello Guys,

Sorry i did not post since July. I am back now with new thoughts !!

I am Core Oracle DBA. But I got fever to become Oracle Apps DBA.

What’s the best place to learn online FREE?

I found very good blog site…

I will keep posting as i will start reading the manuals.

check back next time to learn more about Oracle Apps DBA skills!!

start off with oracle application architecture..

First Fish to Start …..

Hello Everyone,

I feel that i should start my own blog after reading lots of blogs for professional and personal!!!

So..i am here with my first blog. Let me introduce myself.

Name : Denish Patel
Occupation: Oracle database Analyst @ OmniTi Inc, Columbia,MD

Looking forward to post 2-3 posts in a month!! Let’s see.

my thoughts & ramblings !!