Extreme Training Session at PgEast: P90X your Database!

Over-allocated space in tables and indexes is a very common problem in PostgreSQL database where explosive data growth and changes occurs. This over allocated space is called “bloat”. Bloated tables and indexes waste resources of the system and cause large performance anomaly to the applications. Vacuum process helps to avoid bloat but some cases where even vacuum can not able to recover space for reuse. To shrink tables in such cases, DBA needs special attention and tools to remove bloat from the tables and indexes.

At PgEast 2011, I will discuss PostgreSQL MVCC design (compare with Oracle and MySQL) , ways to avoid bloat and online & offline methods to remove bloat from the tables and indexes. P90X your database talk will help you to keep databases skinnier and faster. If you attending this conference, looking forward to hear your experiences and tools that helps to avoid and remove bloat.